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I still regularly quote this.

I can’t reblog this without providing a link in case anyone doesn’t know what this is.  Because everyone should know what this is, I feel.

still say “HOKAY” and “well have a nap ZEN FIRE ZE MISSILES” it is 2013

I do too and it is now 2014

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Reminder to myself

Its been too long since I’ve posted, but I’ve been kinda busy running around. 

Soooo… expect some posts about:

April break, teaching term 2, new people, my bday, and a special surprise that’s coming up. 

give me time, lol even though I have plenty of it, access keeps me away. 


First term down, 9 months down. Cheers to being 1/3 of the way done.

So. Here’s another update yeah? Happy 9 months! !.3 of the way down yo! woooo! Tomorrow also starts term 2 at school. I’m gonna lay down the crack down on my kids. No more nice sesi Rhandzu. These kids are gonna behave. I’m also planning on starting my girls’ and boys’ groups this term and get that going. It’s gonna be busy. Esp since we have so many holidays coming up. We basically have some time off every week this month (this teacher isn’t complaining haha). So I have my work cut out for me. Also, there’s gonna be time for me to go sight seeing and check out the eastern transvaal and do some hiking. I’m super stoked for that. 

Sorry this is so short right now. I’ll have to update again in a couple weeks. Love you all!


End of term! (almost)

So there’s one week left of school for the term and then we’re off for a week. That means We’ve survived our first term of teaching! Wooooooooo!!!!!! Only 3 more and then its the end of the year! haha Teaching has def been a challenge, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing and I’m just hoping I’m actually teaching the kids something. I can see improvement in a lot of my kids, but we still have plenty of work to do. Everyday is a challenge, but hey, what’s life without a little struggle right?

That’s all I really got for teaching, the end of the term means chaos and I have hella exams to mark and input grades and all that good stuff, so it’s def gonna be a sprint to the finish line, but then it’s a week of relaxation. 

Speaking of breaks, I’m super stoked for some of the breaks we have coming up. I’m going to visit my host family from training for a night and catch up with them which will be nice. Then at the end of April we are working on a trip to Blythe Canyon which is supposed to be the 3rd largest canyon in the world. It’s gonna be a fun trip and I’m excited to go with a bunch of cool people. I really wanna do the rafting and tubing down the rapids, swings, and hanging out and Braaing (BBQing) I’m telling you, I live for breaks away from the village and teaching. While I am happy to have a job, I’m much happier when I get to go exploring. haha. 

That’s the update for now. Yay!


Teaching and learning, learning and teaching

So I was gonna wait a bit before I made a post about teaching, but eh, I have internet now so why not. 

First of all, teaching is literally the HARDEST thing I think I’ve ever done in my life. I literally have so much more respect for every teacher I’ve ever had, and I also want to go apologize for every dumbass thing I ever did in school, because karma is def coming back to bite me. 

It’s been about a month and a half since school started. I’m starting to find my groove and I’m trying to figure out how to get these kids to learn something from me. Some days I feel like I just stood in front of the class and was a clown, other days I feel like they actually learned something. Either way, every day is new and everyday is a challenge. 

Right now I’m still having a hard time getting my classroom management down, they still like to talk A LOT and get out of their seats and do this and that, which is distracting to me and the rest of the class. It’s tough, but I’m hoping with some more time it’ll get better. 

I have been staying after school almost every day for at least an hour and a lot of my learners have been coming, I think it really is improving their English (even if they are just coming to get a star). I wish some of my slower learners would come after school and actually give me a chance to teach them and work with them, but I know how they feel, when I was frustrated with something that I just didn’t get I responded with an attitude and I didn’t necessarily cause a ruckus, but I def didn’t act like the A and B student that I was. I just am unsure of how to reach out to them, and I’m hoping somehow I’ll figure it out. Until then, I’m just trying to do my best and at least get small bits of info into their brains. The teaching struggle is real bro.

Other than the rough spots, teaching is becoming part of my everyday, and it’s feeling more like a job. Which is making things her feel more like how they would in the states. Not completely of course, but at least I can tell myself at the end of the day that I would be working at a job in the states, just like I’m doing now, and while I may not get a ton of enjoyment, I would be feeling the same about work in the states that I do here. (I really hope that makes sense). Basically, I’m not going to be a teacher after this, no offense to any teachers or aspiring teachers out there, but teaching is just not something that I can see myself doing. I love the kids… for the most part, but there’s just too much pressure and too much responsibility that I don’t want. (add that to the “things I learned in PC” list) 

I do love my kids though. They drive me insane, but I’m starting to see their personalities and they’re warming up to me and me them. Now outside of class they’re joking and laughing with me, spending time with me, and some even walk me home from school. Its cute, and I hope the relationships I have with them continue to grow and they see me as a mentor rather than some white girl that came to live in their village and teach at their school. I want them to know my story and I want to know theirs and together we show the world that it doesn’t matter wth you’ve been through, because where you’re going can be better. (I just fell of the cliche train!!!!) But its true. I go home exhausted everyday and I have my own internal battles that I fight with myself, and I miss home like hell, basically things here aren’t the easiest, but, there are things that make it all worth it. now as soon as I get my mind right, I can truly start to appreciate them. 

One day at a time….



Follow this link to find a short clip and analysis that considers intersections of privilege and colonialism.

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